Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Architectural detail

Everywhere you turn in Cambridge there's architectural detail to be photographed. If I were a black & white photographer, I'd be in heaven. If I weren't a black & white photographer, and I lived in Cambridge, I would BECOME a black & white photographer. Even something as humble as a downspout becomes a work of art as it undulates down the side of a building.

There's an entire portfolio of work to be done in just this one city. And one would need more than a year (or a lifetime) to accomplish it. ©Carol Leigh, longing for another lifetime


  1. Details, details and details... The more we see, the more we are able to capture and create from!

    As you mention, a lifetime can be spent if you take and make the time to pay close attention, really open your eyes, study each detail and savor the moments and history... No matter where we are, that is always a possibility.

    Sometimes you have to be a tourist (or pretend to be one) to really see what many do not see. Seeing and appreciating for the first time. A photographer's (An artist's) gift and part of the preservation process.

    Stunning images Carol!

  2. I like your phrase "sometimes you have to be a tourist (or pretend to be one)" because that's really a key to seeing, isn't it? Oh, to be able to see our daily surroundings with that sort of excitement, newness, and attention to detail.


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