Sunday, July 29, 2012

Art is messy . . .

Earlier this year I visited a Goodwill store and bought two wooden artist boxes containing a few used palettes, paintbrushes, and a few tubes of old paint. Then, two months ago, while with Linda H. in Portland, I found a couple bags of really grungy paint tubes. (Actually, Chris found them, brought them over saying, "I think we should buy these." Do you wonder why I love this guy?)

This morning, which was quite overcast, I went out onto the deck in the back yard and set some of the brushes and paint tubes on one of the palettes and took some photos. Gradually the sun got too bright, my back got too stiff, and Abby began playing with the brushes, so it was time to stop. Here are the results.

You'd think this sort of photography would be easy. Just dump the paint tubes onto a palette, toss a few brushes on top, point straight down and click. Well, yeah, SOUNDS simple enough. But getting the tripod to straddle the whole setup, retrieving the paintbrush that fell through a crack in the deck, reflecting golden light onto the scene, keeping an eye on the cat, being distracted by the cutest little bunny that's taken up residence in the yard, making sure bright light didn't enter through the viewfinder (which results in underexposed photos), and continually wiping sticky, yucky old paint off my fingers, well, it's just a bit more difficult than it sounds.

Everything's now packed away, ready for me to drag it all out again and shoot some more, this time showing overviews of the whole box. Think I'm gonna need some more old tubes of paint . . . where's Chris?

©Carol Leigh, who spotted at least 10 whales off the coast yesterday!


  1. Love these!

    I'm more than a little afraid the up-coming cupcake assignment is going to provide us with a similar experience...

  2. FUNtastic FUNtography Carol! Art is messy... and fun!

    A great subject with a lot of character. Imagine the artist(s) that created with these brushes and paints. All the best in finding and making more works of art!

  3. You know what, Stephan, the artist's name and address were in the art boxes. She lived in Laguna Beach! I did a Google search for her and it sounds like she moved up here to Oregon somewhere, but I couldn't find anything really concrete. It's fun, though, to try to search these things out.

    And CJ, yup, cupcakes be messy! But unlike old oil paint, the frosting is easily licked off one's fingers! Thanks for commenting. Remember the artist's box we saw in San Miguel? Somehow these photos don't have that same cachet...

  4. Absolutely wonderful find! Chris is such a gem -- you two make such a great pair!!

  5. Ooh, Diane, you just made Chris's day! :-)

  6. These photos are very cool, Carol! Was wondering what you would do with those old paint tubes. Now I know!


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