Thursday, July 12, 2012

House arrest

It began as a simple "let's replace all the windows in the house" sort of thing. Until they got to the dining room slider. And the dry rot immediately underneath. Dry rot that had spread all along the front. And onto the joists holding up the front deck. All of a sudden this construction project has turned into major problems and major money. The deck was taken down yesterday. Tomorrow begins work on re-siding the front of the house and building a new deck. But right now the place looks like we've geared up for a hurricane with plywood nailed over the dining room window and plastic flapping in the wind.

That's certainly not the case, however, in these photos of architectural detail in Balboa Park. Not being able to leave the house, I've been mucking about with old photos, throwing a lot away and reworking others.  I like the lush look of these four. And it makes me want to go back to Balboa Park and do some more. Like today!

Wishing you days of no rot and clear windows. ©Carol Leigh


  1. Hope the repairs are completed quickly and that all settles down again. Love the photos.

  2. Thanks, Jo! Glad you like the photos. I've been remiss visiting your blog lately. Will check it out shortly -- you always have interesting (and lovely) things to see. -- Carol Leigh

  3. So come on down...we'll make sure you get to the park!

    How did you get the beautiful colors on these?

  4. It's a toning process. Shhhhh! Don't tell anyone!

  5. Thanks, Julie, although we all know that you be the QUEEN of Balboa Park photography!


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