Saturday, October 19, 2013

Latest work: "Bus Art in Blue"

A number of years ago we came upon a bus salvage "graveyard." Oh, my! A veritable Disneyland for me, as you can imagine.  Naturally, I took a few photos.

I re-discovered one of those bus photos in my computer's "textures/paint" directory this morning and wondered what I could do to it. A little bit of tweaking here and there and I came up with this. What I really like is the complementary orange-ish streak at the bottom below all that blue.

If I never take another photo, I am set with photomontage "fodder" for the rest of my life. All it requires is rooting around in my archives and looking with new eyes and working with new skills. But to never take another photo? Ha! The next one could be the best ever and might send me in a whole new direction! Ya never know . . .

©Carol Leigh

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