Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lost in the woods . . .

While on Martha's Vineyard, I got up before everybody else and went off through the woods to try to find the beach. I had a vague idea of where it was, but figured, how hard could it be to find? Luckily I had my camera and my cellphone with me.

I found what looked like a large pond and a canoe launch, but no "beach." I turned to go back to the condo, but paths and dirt roads tend to look different when you're heading in the opposite direction. I knew I was on the wrong path, but it seemed to be taking me where I wanted to go...

Luckily it was kind of dark in the woods, enabling me to take some tree "sweeps." Then I moved on.

I emerged on a road that had houses on it and up ahead was a group of children and a mom waiting for the school bus. Aha! I could ask mom for directions. But nope, the kids got on the bus and mom was back in the house long before I could get to the bus stop.

Swallowing my pride, I called the condo. "I'm lost. Come get me!" Hysterical laughter at their end. I found an address, they followed GPS coordinates in the car, and found me right away. Ah, technology — the camera for enabling me to amuse myself for awhile, the cellphone to call for help, and the GPS unit to actually find me, miles from where I thought I was.

Kind of a pretty picture though, isn't it? ©Carol Leigh

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