Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Plane art . . .

Nothing like visiting an air museum to encourage you to take abstract (weird) shots like these. Invariably the planes are packed in close to one another, there are people all over the place, so overviews aren't possible (well, they're possible, but they tend to look like snapshots).

The Pima Air Museum in Tucson is a particularly wonderful place to shoot, which is where I took these four images. The dust adds to their patina. The bird poop doesn't, so I do my best to keep it out of the frame and get rid of the rest (at least most of it) in Photoshop.

Love the saturated colors and the overall simplicity of the shots. Ahhhhhh...

©Carol Leigh


  1. Awesome, I was going to ask about the effect and it's just the dust...amazing, love the images you took.

  2. super photos as usual,only you can get photos like these--Dave O

  3. Thanks for commenting, Laura. And Dave? You sweet-talking thing, you!


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