Monday, April 24, 2017

Latest work: "Kimono Package #5"

I seem to be going through a "stripes" phase lately, which is good. Better to have something solid to fall back on than nothing.

Anyway, I'm continuing to work on photos I've taken of a paper packet, an antique I got that was used to package a kimono. It unfolds four ways, giving me so many ways of shooting it.

In this case, I combined two of the photos and then added "stripes" from a variety of other photos I've taken of the same subject.

I'm going to continue working along this same theme for the rest of the year, in between other projects.

NOTE: Carol F. and Ann L.: I've made a rough draft of the first page of my Kyoto book and immediately see that I need to prep my photos specifically for this project. The picture I'm working on is of the Maiko, remember her? My picture is going to be stained, so I have to make sure that her face comes gleaming through and doesn't look dull, as it does right now. Am hoping I have something to show here this week.

And now we are off for a little drive up toward the Canadian border where there's a Japanese washi paper store I just found out about. Woo hoo!

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  1. Hi Carol,

    I like this image a lot. The hard edges of the stripes contrast nicely with the softness of the background.

    It's fun to see your book project progress. I have a tendency to put all ideas in and then back out to something more manageable... a good thing since this is my first attempt at making a book. I've done a couple of format mock-ups and am selecting images. It will be interesting to see where it ends up! Look forward to the next installment of your book.

    And I'm just a little jealous about your trip to the washi paper store. I remember the store in Kyoto, but I was not in a place in my art to really appreciate it. Hope you had a happy shopping day!

  2. Excited to hear that your project is underway. The intentions of the costume of the geisha and the long tradition make it a wonderful subject for your artistic layering of textures and forms. I'll wait with excited anticipation for your creative magic to happen!!!

    My project has morphed into a children's book. Surprise!!!
    I have yet to put my new title and leanings up on Google. I have the beginnings of a story and a whole bunch of pictures but it has yet to come together. I am waiting for a message from on high which has yet to happen.
    (Chuckle!) Such fun!


  3. Carol F. and Ann L. . . .

    Well, the paper store shopping trip had to be abandoned. A few miles from home I said, "Wouldn't it be funny if they're closed on Mondays?" So I checked. Yes. They're closed.

    So we made a hard left and drove over to the ferry landing and caught the boat to Port Townsend. Where there's a huge BOAT YARD! How bad could THAT be? So to the boat yard, to lunch, then a quick little drive around "uptown" Port Townsend, then back to the boat and home. It was a good day.

    The owner of the store is giving a presentation in Port Townsend this evening. Not sure if we can get to that or not. Going to try.

    Gotta say, I'm curious about what form your books are going to take. Wishing you both fair winds and inspiration!


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