Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sea shells from Sanibel Island

On-location photography can (for me) often be difficult. On Sanibel Island, I had to contend with sand, no-see-ums, light, wind, people walking by, no-see-ums, and minimal camera gear. So I brought these three little shells home where I could photograph them under more controlled circumstances.

Is this cheating? Is it more "proper" to take the photos on scene? Perhaps. But if you've got an idea of what you want, and that "vision" can't be achieved under bad light, surrounded by little biting bugs, and with inappropriate equipment, well, take the subject matter home with you (if you can legally do so) and do it justice there.

And that, my friends, explains all the little glass jars I have on my shelves that contain rocks, feathers, marbles, shells, twigs, eggs, metal letters and numbers, and clock parts. Not to mention the Priority Mail box full of magnolia tree "parts" that I sent myself from North Carolina and STILL am not sure how to photograph! ©Carol Leigh

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