Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sand blizzard ...

We had a LOT of rain last night and 50mph winds, making it a perfect storm for sand dunes to form around the houses down below on the spit. A quick reconnaissance this morning showed us that yes, things looked rather dramatic, as you can see here. To see even more dramatic photos (more sand, better light), I've put together a little gallery of photos I shot two years ago. Here's the link:  ©Carol Leigh


  1. This is way worse than a snow storm.

    Hope you live not too close to sand dunes.

  2. Yeah, this makes twelve feet of snow look good.

    There's a place in Namibia that people pay money to go to in order to shoot buildings buried in sand dunes. And you have you very own!!

  3. Diane and Elena, yes, at least snow MELTS! The spit is about 200 feet in elevation below us and about a mile away, so no, no dune-age going on around here! --Carol Leigh


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