Friday, March 25, 2011

Eucalyptus leaves

The other day while cleaning out the studio I opened a book and a shower of leaves ensued. The last time I was in San Diego I had collected a bunch of eucalyptus leaves to photograph when I got back home, pressed them in a book, and then forgot about them. What better excuse to stop cleaning and photograph instead?! I overexposed them to create a high-key-ish look and then added my Chinese signature to the bottom since the whole piece had a sort of Asian feel to it.

Although I'm really trying to whittle away at my collections of things to photograph, for every four things I get rid of, four more appear. Such as yesterday, when I came home with two bird nests and two wooden printer blocks and two old books. I'm going in the wrong direction! ©Carol Leigh


  1. Spring cleaning at its best!!! And, yet another great excuse to photograph and create something artistic!! Leave (leaf) it to you and to see beyond the obvious and take it to a new level.

    On the simple aspect, and even though these are mere Eucalyptus leaves, the perspective also reminds me of a fading row of Italian Cypress... a Tuscan appeal and feel. Yet, they are mere Eucalyptus leaves from San Diego.

    Simple yet powerful work Carol!

  2. Yes, when you squint at the picture, there is that cypress-Tuscany vibe, isn't there? Thanks for pointing that out. I wouldn't have noticed otherwise. How great that each of us sees differently. --Carol Leigh


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