Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thinking of you, Sam ...

This is a shot I took in Winnemucca, Nevada in March of 2003. Taken with my first digital camera (a Canon D60), and I wasn't doing too well with it. The background was all washed out, but I just loved the burro, so I altered the shot somewhat, making it look like a picture in an old photo album. But I never think of Winnemucca without thinking of you! ©Carol Leigh


  1. Ah shucks Carol...I might have been offended had that been a jackass, but since it's a burro I'll consider it a compliment. Burros are favorites of mine. In fact I named my Ford Ranger, "The Burro." Wild burros are all over southeastern Nevada. While you were in Winnemucca did you happen to have the Basque national drink, Picon Punch? No! Well, get thee back there.

  2. Sam, if Carol needs the recipe for a Picon Punch I could probably supply it!!! My late husband used to travel all over NV and loved the Basque national drink. Anytime I had an upset stomach he would make me a Picon Punch and it did the trick. It's indeed a small world. Thanks, to you, Sam, for fond memories recollected.
    Love your Sam the burro, Carol.


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