Friday, May 6, 2011

May in Oregon

We have been out working, putting together a photographer's guide to the southern Oregon coast, and what a great time to be here! I think May is probably the prettiest month in our neck of the woods. Trees are turning a beautiful shade of fresh green, the rhododendrons are beginning to do their thing, and there aren't too many tourists yet on the roads. The weather's really iffy, but in between huge wind gusts and raindrops, things look pretty good. The scene around this coastal lake gives you some idea. Wishing we could send some of our rain to you folks in Texas . . . ©Carol Leigh


Anonymous said...

Love the lime green of spring. Your photos make me want to return your way. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

Anonymous said...

Carol-Great shots. Can't wait to get there later this month. I'm also sending you an email about So Oregon. Look for me in your Spam!