Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Golden Gate (not the bridge)

One of my students, Kathleen A., knows I'm interested in physical collage and generously sent me a package of papers she thought I'd like. Like? I love them!

But before I rip them, tear them, glue them, I selected out various bits and pieces and took a lot of photos, enabling me to put together this image.

Receiving such a wonderful package is a blessing and a curse. My brain is so full with photomontage possibilities, and now physical collage possibilities, that it's difficult to know which way to turn next. My solution, here at 3 in the morning, is to combine them. I'll shoot the paper, I'll make a montage, I'll glue the paper, make a collage, then shoot part of the collage to use in a montage, which ... well, you get the picture. And Kathleen A.? Thank you so much. I think. ©Carol Leigh


  1. Wow! I really like this. I love the contrast of the strong horizontal and vertical elements...and the color is wonderful. Sorry you weren't getting any sleep at 3 am, but this is worth the sleep deficit.

  2. WOW I sure wouldn't recognize the scraps as any I sent. You really own them. It really puts a song in my heart to see your work.
    It has been such an exciting time seeing a different world through your classes. Your comments are rich and constructive. I have been obsessed with trying to photograph things but with the idea I will be using the photos in your upcoming class(es). Now that the Macro class is almost over I am released to play again. Let me know when you want more scraps. Kathy

  3. Thanks, CJ. You always leave wonderfully specific comments. And Kathleen, thank you not only for your comment but (yet again) for sending me those paper scraps. Woo hoo! --Carol Leigh


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