Friday, July 15, 2011

Last call for the Oregon coast No. 5 of 5

What I love about photographing here on the Oregon coast is the variety. The light ranges from heavy overcast (okay, RAIN) to bright sunshine (freaks us all out) and the subject matter ranges from huge overviews from coastal bluffs to intimate little harbor scenes, from bright red buoys to the bright red feet of pigeon guillemots.

Our Oregon Coast Photo Exploration begins September 18th and ends around noon on the 21st. The registration fee is $560 per person; bring a non-photographing partner, spouse, friend, canine companion for free. Registration covers instruction throughout, critiques/feedback on your work, breakfast every morning, a group dinner, and general congeniality and camaraderie.

This workshop is limited to 8 photographers and we've got 6 signed up so far. Janet, Ira, Jim, Patty, Elena, and Russ are all part of the mix -- YOU would be the icing on the cake! To register, please visit my online store here or call me at (541) 563-3834. ©Carol Leigh