Friday, July 22, 2011

Linaria update

I knew that I'd posted some linaria photos here last year, so I went to take a look. Sheesh. I could have just recycled last year's shots! They were taken with the same 50mm f/1.8 lens and an extension tube. Here's the link:  Have I progressed in the past year? Not at all! This is really depressing . . .  Okay, tomorrow I'm getting out the fisheye lens and let's see how THAT goes! At least it will be different . . .


  1. Yeah, it's hard to progress when you're on the top rung of the ladder -- but you'll find a way! Give it a few more days....

  2. "Have I progressed in the past year?" Simply answered, "In view of all that you have posted - Yes."

    Your question is an interesting one to ponder upon, especially if we look back and compare a subject that is the same, such as photographing the Linaria (Toadflax) - different year, yet same subject and location. 50mm with an extension tube, telephoto, fish-eye, macro, going with the flow of the sway...

    How do we critique our own work? As like in cooking, I personally believe we have our "comfort foods, zones, recipes, taste and such" that produces the dish we know and have obtained "results" with. That is why we follow and create recipes... How many do we really follow "step-by-step"? We typically add something or subtract something to our taste buds, diet and so on.

    In photography, it is difficult to duplicate and copy. Being inspired from, incorporating what you enjoy, applications, process, trial and error, etc., etc. Time, weather and seasons continue to change. Far too many variables... After a while, we develop our own styles - no matter what we do - and apply accordingly.

    How do we change? Doing something different. Being inspired. And, incorporate what we have experienced and learned into our style (comfort zones).

    I see that you were inspired by Mariannne last year for the green background and choice of shallow DOF. Seems the subconscious memory was still there, yet you applied new things with what you were presented with, especially following the sway.

    Here's to making slight changes, spicing it up, changing lenses and applying new techniques...

    The beauty of art, "We are only limited to our imagination, experience, talent and knowledge... The more we experience, the more we learn... the applications thereafter, etc., etc. ... are simply endless." Here's to seeing beyond seeing and going beyond imagination.


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