Friday, July 29, 2011

Mall photography

Early the following morning I walked over to a mall which isn't doing so well. Big, empty parking lots and a huge building that's being torn down — there's gotta be something here. An auto transport truck was being unloaded and I saw this beautiful vintage Chevrolet Impala, '60s vintage, off to one side. Overcast lighting was perfect for it.

Over at the building that was being torn down, I was drawn to the bluish color of the stone blocks and the starkness and grace of the tree contrasting against it.

And then a block of red and a balancing block of blue at another building enabled me to create an abstract image of sorts.

It pays to be up and about early to visit a seemingly nondescript location with a camera and an inquisitive eye. Breakfast, and then on to the jet boats! ©Carol Leigh


  1. Carol,

    Wonderful photographs from Portland.
    You find gems where no one is even looking.

  2. Thanks, Elena. When I was at Fort Stevens shooting the texture, however, THAT'S when I was thinking of you! You would have loved it. --Carol Leigh


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