Saturday, July 9, 2011

The more I look at it ...

Although I liked this collage when I created it, more and more it's looking to me like a package of cigarettes ... Made from paint, a postage stamp, torn papers, and a page from a vintage Japanese book. I photographed the whole thing, then tweaked it. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em . . . ©Carol Leigh


  1. A vintage creation and look. The consistency, collage work, use of material, objects and flow of the color works well. With mention of cigarettes... as like in wine labels, I can see an artistic concept and market... Art is everywhere.

  2. Art IS everywhere. When did we begin noticing? When does the concept of "art" kick in? We have the ability to create from the time we're born, but it takes lots of time to fully appreciate the history of art, to appreciate what others have done before us. Kind of makes me wish I'd been an art major in college instead of English . . . Carol Leigh

  3. Art is everywhere... Art does not necessarily have to be "art" created by a brush, photo, drawing and such. There is art in words, in food, music, sculptures, the sounds that we hear specific place... Art is everything and anything that stimulates our senses (vision, hearing, touch, smell and taste).

    Imagine describing your work, a place, a job, etc., etc. to a person who cannot see. Or, describing your work to enhance a persons visions to see more.

    Why do we typically like reading a book more than when it becomes a movie? Typically we imagined and translated the words into visions of what we experienced.

    From the first time we opened our eyes to this very day, we process what we see... The same adventures continue with all senses.

    Hopefully we continue to see "that" much more and allow the process to enhance our art, all of our senses, our lives and all that we do. Art is everywhere... apply it accordingly.


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