Friday, July 8, 2011

Over the years . . .

Back in 2008, Carol D. gave me a heart pin because (a) she's a nice person, (b) she knew I liked hearts, and (c) she probably was just getting rid of things. I photographed it and used it in three different photomontages.

I came across it yesterday and re-photographed it, using different light and probably a different lens. I then made it into a photomontage this morning. The first photo you see is what I did today; the other three were created in July of 2008.

We change over the years -- how we see, how we create, the tools we use. Is my current version "better" than the other three? Nah. Just different. I think my images, overall, are "lighter" today than they were then. But then, so was I! Click to enlarge. ©Carol Leigh


  1. Everything changes, Carol,

    But you still create beatiful images, I hope this will never change.

  2. It is amazing to step back in time, pick up where you left off and apply what you know today to what you did back then. Back to the future... Where have I heard that before?

    As like the seasons, these images have a fall, winter, spring and summer look to them. Seeing your work over the years, especially the Sante Fe, New Mexico, boat and seascape images, it is clear that you enjoy the vast color palettes that are available... A lesson that we all should see beyond seeing, take (make) the time and appreciate what is close to the heart and home.

    As like the seasons, time continues to move forward... And, there seems to be cycles, moods and such that influence us accordingly... as time goes by.

    Whether it be from experience, age, wisdom or simply going through the process of trials, errors or simply "doing" ... we learn more and more. Expanding our knowledge, seeing more and simply becoming more familiar... comfort zones if you will.

    It is nice to know that our only limitations are those of our limits of knowledge and imagination. The more we learn and experience, the possibilities become infinite. Enjoy the seasons, accept and embrace change! Apply what you know today and expand the horizons accordingly.

    Your images, creativity and applications of art and photography are magical. Great series Carol.

  3. Russ and Elena, yes, everything changes. It's a blessing and a curse, isn't it? And Stephan, what can I say? You always take it to the next level and beyond in your comments. You should write a book! Thank you for your remarks -- they're always appreciated. --Carol Leigh

  4. Okay, I choose #a, and #b! I like what you have done with the remakes. Thank you for remembering. Your hearts have touched my heart and that will never change.


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