Friday, December 2, 2011

Faces on the beach

The first thing I need to say is that none of these was altered in Photoshop to create the faces — all were "as found" on the beach. It's weird. Some days you'll find no faces at all and on others, well, seems like you're being watched all the time. I particularly like the look and feel of the last photo, an angry raptor of some sort, complete with a highlight in the eye created by dried seaweed. Fun stuff, no?

©Carol Leigh, who is comfortable photographing faces in nature, but terrified of taking pictures of actual human beings...



    would love to see some holiday stuff that you do so well with your macro shots.


  2. Thank you for the :~) this morning! Nice to find "natural smiles" while walking about. Awesome capture of the sleeping giant raptor! Keep smilin'! :-)

  3. So cool! I especially love the smiley face! (And I so hate the "real" ones...)

  4. Thank you Jan, Stephan, and Diane. I used to think people who saw things like this were wackos. Now I is one. --CL


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