Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ho! Ho! Ho!

My friends Rich and CJ have wooden Santas placed strategically around their house this time of year, some whimsical, some oh-so-artsy, some adorable. Here's a little sampling of three I had to photograph during my visit. ©Carol Leigh (a Santaphobe but curiously drawn to these wooden figures)


  1. Wonderful collection and beautiful shots. My favorite is the first one.

    Have the happiest New Year!

  2. You made my little Santa friends look pretty darn good! Glad you were able to enjoy some of them and overcome a bit of your Santaphobia. :-)


  3. Yes, the first one has a lot of personality, doesn't it? CJ's Santas all look great. I'm encouraging her to make a set of notecards using pictures of these guys. --Carol Leigh


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