Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fresh crab

It's tough to maintain a schedule here on the Oregon coast because the weather is a huge factor, and when the weather's good, as it was yesterday, you want to be out and about. So we headed out and up to the docks in Newport, where the water was smooth and glassy, things were quiet, and we slowly walked around, seeing what we could see. Live crab and (not live) halibut were available on the fishing vessel Chelsea Rose. ©Carol (still live) Leigh


Anonymous said...

Great photos, as alway, teling a story of your community. I'm thinking that seagull is guarding his catch -- did he allow you in?

So what'd did you and Chris take home for dinner?


Carol Leigh said...

What did we take home for dinner? Ha! At the prices they were charging, nothing! Instead we had roasted tomato/basil soup and zucchini and homemade bread -- now, doesn't THAT sound good? xxx Carol

Stephan said...

CRABtastic! All we need is the image of the fresh catch food. Love the boat! All the best wishes and have an awesome weekend!