Saturday, August 11, 2012

A typical morning's shoot...

A barbecue and antique car show were scheduled today at the docks in Newport, so Chris and I got there well before everything really started. (I like arriving before the crowds arrive and before the overcast breaks up.) Thought you might like seeing the sort of things I photograph in a situation such as this.

First of all, I HAD to shoot this cool texture! I shot it last week, but had to shoot it again because you can NEVER have enough texture. And maybe the light was a little different this morning, I don't know... I'm sure this photo will insinuate itself into a photomontage some day.

Then I saw this pretty boat moored across the way, sitting solitary and serene, reflected in the glassy water.

But what about the cars? Only a few had arrived, but I particularly liked the back end of this blue VW bug. A Chrysler Woody was parked across the way, and I was drawn to the emblem on the hood and the weird shadows running along a diagonal on the right. (I hid my own reflection in the center vertical section of the emblem.)

Since we were right next to piles of buoys, and since there still weren't many cars ("Oh, we never know how many will be here until maybe 10 or 11 o'clock"), I'd be foolish to NOT check them out, right? (No matter that I was at this same location a week ago.)

Unwilling to wait for more cars to arrive, we headed home, stopping briefly at the farmers' market (it IS the last day of National Farmers' Market Week, you realize) where I took a number of photos, including these luscious tomatoes and bell peppers. A loaf of garlic herb focaccia, a bag full of basil, and a lemon cookie accompanied us on our drive home. Alas, the cookie didn't survive the trip.

Quite the visual potpourri, no?

©Carol Leigh, wishing YOU a visual potpourri today and every day...

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