Thursday, October 18, 2012

All play and some work...

It's been a magical week, relaxing, laughing, photographing, no computer work to be done other than occasional iPadding, feeling a delicious remoteness. (I prepped the "Daily Dose of Fall" postings before I left town.)

Chris and I have been staying with friends in Lake Tahoe, thoroughly enjoying exploring and shooting fall color, ranging from extraordinary panoramic vistas to a single aspen leaf. (A hiker on the trail said, "Yup, those 'quakies' are looking pretty good!")

I've been taking the photos, keeping them on the memory cards, unreviewed, to be processed when we return home in a few days.

Photography is my job and my love. How wonderful to be able to photograph in an aspen grove and then use the experience to write an article about seeing and preconceptions. So right now I'm mostly playing and plan on returning to "work" next week. 

Wishing you many days of play with good friends as well as satisfaction in your work.


  1. Good for your Carol, how wonderful to have that time. Definitely enjoying your Daily Dose of Fall and looking forward to seeing what you get from your current adventure.

  2. Thank you, John. Very much appreciated.


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