Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Desert Windows

I like the sun-washed look of this image, created using my photos of walls and a palm tree. The colors, the softness, the concept of light through windows — they make me think of my time spent living for four years in Palm Springs. Brutal summers, gorgeous winters, a time I'll never forget. This image is available at Fine Art America here:
©Carol Leigh


  1. Great repetitive squares, design and flow Carol! Reminds me of orange summer evening skies... The inverted stamped palm also reminds me of a firework exploding to celebrate. All in all, a great story, simple concept, beyond photography and a work of art to ponder over.

  2. Yes, it's the repetitive squares -- some arrived at naturally, some created by me -- that I really like. Stephan, I'm working on a series of e-zines all about composition, line, and design. May I add your comment about this composition? I've already written the article, but this would be a fun interpretation to include in it because it kind of echoes what I said. Please let me know! Thanks.

  3. Absolutely! Great work of art and style Carol!


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