Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Daily Dose of Fall #9

A quintet of cherry leaves with purple fabric behind them. This is an old photo, but a favorite of mine. The colors just scream, don't they? I used a needle and black thread to sew the stems together and then dangled them in front of the lens. During the exposure, I moved the purple fabric around behind the leaves to create a soft background. Then, in Photoshop, I cloned away the black thread between each stem. Done on the kitchen counter, using window light. Got leaves? Got thread? You're in business! ©Carol Leigh


  1. Got Leaves? Got Thread? Got Imagination, Talent and Experience? ... You've Got a Masterpiece of an image! Love this fall creation! Also reminds me of the classic pear still life's, but this is so much (much) more creative, great depth and those amazing screaming colors! Got Wow!

  2. Was just going to say they remind me of the pear assignments. Five fat "pears" all in a row. Fun!

  3. Stephan and Linda, interesting that you both would think of pears. And yeah, I'm seeing them now, too. Thanks for your comments. VERY much appreciated. At least TWO people are looking! :-)

  4. Make that three! Was going to tell you once again that this photo has long been one of my favorites.



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