Friday, May 24, 2013

High-key and not so much . . .

I've been enjoying taking high-key images, and when I found this white feather, I put it in front of a white background and shot away. At the end of the shoot, I held a pale blue scarf behind the feather and, during the exposure, waved the scarf around to create a clean blue background that has a bit of shadowing in it for interest.

Why not just use blue construction paper, or fill the background with blue in Photoshop? Sure, that would work fine, too. But I find that a flat background doesn't give me the feeling of depth (and naturalness) that I want.

Of course, what often happens is that during the waving-around part, I often knock over whatever it is I happen to be photographing! No problem when shooting a feather, but when shooting my husband's favorite cordial glass, well . . . that'll just be our little secret, won't it? ©Carol Leigh

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