Saturday, July 20, 2013

Latest project: TautoTelegrams

A "tautogram" is text wherein all the words begin with the same letter. I've always found this intriguing, and lately have imagined them as telegrams. With the help of Photoshop, I'm creating a series of what I call "TautoTelegrams," and will be sharing them with you here.

Why? Because I can. And because it entertains me. Can YOU come up with some? I'd love to hear them!

©Carol (carousing creatively) Leigh


Jan Hagan said...

These are wonderful, and the process will be endless, great idea for a monthly alumni mail posting assignment. Your creativity amazes me.

Jo Murray said...

I did a similar thing for my A Letter A Week project a couple of years back. It was such fun.

Brenda LaFleur said...

Brainy Buddy:
Bang-up brilliant, buckaroo! Bravo!

Carol Leigh said...

Brenda, beware! Brainy buckaroos bad business. Bronco busters better! Bye-bye...