Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ten things I will never do...

Oh, sure, I've read all the books about becoming anything you want to be, how to be better, stronger, more efficient, more productive, smarter, faster, etc. But there comes a time in one's life when you know yourself fairly well, know how your brain works, what body style you are, your various predilections, preferences, and proclivities. And you are extremely aware of your mortality, how many good years you probably have left, etc. And you know for a fact that you truly despise liver, no matter how well they disguise it on your plate.

It's with those thoughts in mind that I present a list of things I will probably NEVER do with the little time I have remaining in this life.

1. Register for clown college. (The first week of August is International Clown Week. Yikes! I will be hiding somewhere.)
2. Eat liver.
3. Teach aerobics.
4. Become fluent in Pig Latin.
5. Teach math.
6. Play pro basketball.
7. Run a daycare center.
8. Become a lawyer.
9. Become a pole vaulter.
10. Participate in any mosquito repellent studies.

What about you? Can you make a list of ten? I'd love to read it!

©Carol Leigh


  1. Just saw this today and couldn't wait to get home from work to share my list!

    Ten things I'll NEVER do in the little time I have left:
    1. Be a classmate of Carol's in Clown School.
    2. Sign up for a survivalist camp.
    3. Wear five inch stiletto heels.
    4. Join a nudist colony.
    5. Read all those inspirational messages posted by my Facebook friends.
    6. Become a wedding photographer.
    7. Own a pet snake or live with anyone who owns a pet snake.
    8. Have enough time to visit every place on my bucket list.
    9. Run a mile unless being chased by Sasquatch.
    10. Become a beer drinker.


  2. Aha! I was hoping someone else would chime in! I relate to your #4 about joining a nudist colony, your #5 about the inspirational Facebook messages, and your #6, becoming a wedding photographer! Oh, the horror!


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