Thursday, July 18, 2013

What I saw / What I made . . .

As many of you know, I'm much better finding small details than I am at seeing the bigger picture, but here I show you the bigger picture and then show you what I zoomed in on.

Big bundles of colorful fishing nets are stacked all over in this, one of my favorite spots for photography. For some reason I never take overviews, but I walk around, carefully looking for clean, simple compositions. In the first photo, the overview, I've circled in red what caught my eye. What I made of the scene is there in the second photo. (Click to enlarge.)

What I liked about what I saw were the repeating patterns of the ropes and how they dipped and curved, all that horizontality held together by that one light blue rope in the left third of the frame. I liked, too, the one big thick rope up top and the bit of netting in the lower left. Those two elements, combined with the vertical rope, break the horizontal pattern and add a bit of interest.

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Wishing you lots of bold compositions, lines, and designs today and every day. ©Carol Leigh

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