Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Boat bits . . .

Once again I neglect the big picture to zoom in on details, details I find important but that most people find inconsequential. It's a talent and a curse! Creating images such as these just make me feel good.

The first is a running light on a little tugboat, the second a few ropes hanging down the side of a fishing boat. I like the complementary red/green colors on the tug as well as the curvy lines of the light contrasted with the hard, straight lines of the rail and striping.

Contrast again comes into play in the second photo, with the two straight-ish lines of the ropes contrasting with the curved metal element. The sunlight on the ropes contrasts with the dark red element of the boat hull and the black shadowy area on the left.

Hey, my vision might be limited, but at least I know why I find the things I do!

©Carol Leigh

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