Monday, August 19, 2013

Get rid of the cat?

I created this photomontage this morning. It's made up of various photos taken on the Oregon coast (the bird, the sky -- which is part of a scratched aluminum fish container) and in Santa Fe (the tiles, the windows, various textures). I photographed the cat in Las Trampas, New Mexico, as it scurried past the mission walls.

The last thing I added was the cat, but now I'm wondering if it makes the picture too cutesy. I like the way the cat echoes the color of the bird and thus encourages your eye to move diagonally up and across the frame. The raven's fine, but I'm not sure about the cat.

Here are both versions. To cat or not to cat, that is the question! What do you think? And why? ©Carol Leigh


  1. Would like to see the Raven on the far right on top of the building and the cat on the far left of the wall so it appears to be stalking the bird. A little reality check for the anti Raven farmer. Hum!

  2. I'm not sure my first message went through, so here's a second one. I can't remember exactly what I said, so... Once again Carol your photomontages amaze, amuse and astound me. Thanks for the inspirations. I like the cat. The picture teases my imagination, so much so that I want to invent a story to go with it. It reminds me of one of Aesop's fables ... I'm the cat who walks by himself, and all places are the same to me..."

  3. Your first message didn't come through, Sam, but I'm glad you persevered. Thank you for your words, which mean so much, my friend. Wishing you well.

  4. Jan, thanks for the suggestion. When I put the raven where I did, I wanted it to balance the three tiles in the lower right as well as create a subliminal diagonal movement. (Wow, what a phrase: subliminal diagonal movement!) then when I thought of the cat and remembered I had an appropriate photo, I decided to have it walking out of the frame to the right as the raven faced left.

    To me, this creates tension, maintains the diagonality and now adds mystery... The mystery isn't cat-stalking-bird, which would be (for me) too logical, but what IS the relationship? Are they even AWARE of one another? Two traditional foes going their separate ways. Their opposing movement is stretching that diagonal line tighter and tighter.

    A phrase was running through my head from a Ivan Doig book "The Sea Runners," which was "ravens black as midnight cats," but then I would have had to make the sky black and so I figured, screw it! I'm done!

    Thank you for commenting. Thinking of Ruth daily. So sorry she's gone.

  5. Leave the cat...I like mystery too...

  6. I agree with you, Uncle Ron... The cat stays! Thank you for stopping by. Hope things aren't too muggy for you right now there in South Carolina.

  7. I vote to cat. I think the black cat adds balance to the image. If not a cat then another little touch of black would provide that same balance. But I like the mystery of the cat/bird relationship. Well done, sista!


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