Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mini "Developing Your Creative Edge" online photo class beginning 9/27/13

A new mini-Developing Your Creative Edge online photo class begins September 27, 2013 and ends November 15, 2013. 

Four lessons/assignments in six weeks. Fun, easy, and you'll learn to look, to see, and to create lovely photos using seemingly mundane subjects.

As usual, the lessons/assignments are relatively easy, can be done using natural light, and can even be done using a cellphone camera if you wish.

It's about time I came up with some new lessons, so here they are and it all begins toward the end of September. Registration fee: $85. You in?

These photos MIGHT give you some clues about the upcoming lessons/assignments. And no, one of the lessons is NOT about flowers. Nor is one of the lessons about oil cans or coins. And there are no lessons that require you to find and photograph colorful buoys! But one of the lessons IS about photographing ANYTHING against a white background.

Here's a link to more information:

Looking forward to working with you again (or for the first time)!

Carol Leigh

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