Monday, September 2, 2013

Latest work: "Regular Mail by Air"

Another in a seemingly endless series of faux postcards...

This one is made using my photographs of stamps, stickers, foreign currency, torn papers, rusty circles, and a whole lot more.

It's interesting... as I was finishing this piece, Chris walked in and was looking over my shoulder. He had some excellent suggestions, which I implemented. He then said, "I can see how time gets away from you when you're doing this. I've been here more than half an hour, but I'd say it was only ten or fifteen minutes." Welcome to my world!

Prints available via Fine Art America. ©Carol Leigh


  1. LOVE this. It would be perfect for the Post Office to use in their ads. Congrats on some VERY fine work and your always creative slant on things

  2. This one is very cool! Love it!

  3. I need to add my "love it!" Keep up the creative work, great stuff my friend!

  4. Thanks, Jan! I never would have thought this one would appeal to you. Shows how much I know! Thanks for your comment and thanks for the purchase! I'm flattered.

    And CJ, thank you, too, for commenting on this one. Glad you like it.

    And Judy? Thank YOU for the "love it" echo. Much appreciated.


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