Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Latest work: "Rowboat in the Summer Sun"

Chris and I just returned from a week's vacation on Martha's Vineyard — a very lucky opportunity that was a year in the planning. We spent our time with two wonderful friends. And yes, I took a few photos . . .

I can't just plow through them and quickly post online, but will instead be taking it slowly, quietly, seeing what I can do with what I have, and will, from time to time, post a few.

I particularly like this photo, taken the first day on the island. I like the expanse of water, the simplicity of the rowboat, the high horizon line, and the slant of the shore. I gave this photo a painterly sort of treatment, adding this and that, taking away that and this, until I came up with what (to me) looks like a dreamy, lazy, hazy day of summer. I hope it gives you the same impression. ©Carol Leigh

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