Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Link: One more good reason we need physical books in our lives . . .

Yes, I have (and use) a Kindle, but to me nothing beats the feel, look, and smell of a real, live book. Books offer such possibility . . . each one's a gift, a surprise, a secret revealed. Here's one more secret some books offer us: paintings that are revealed only when the pages of the book are fanned out somewhat. Here's a quick video that shows you what I mean — much better than I'm describing it:

Carol Leigh


  1. Amazing books. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Carol...Thanks, I didn't know these books existed. What patience, what incredible skill. Isn't it amazing what humans are capable of doing? The creative mind knows no bounds.

  3. Can you imagine what it was like for the person to have discovered these paintings? What an incredible surprise!


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