Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Paint Chip Inspiration: "Raspberry Couli"

This idea is not unique to me. It comes from Rachel Berger here:

She selected a paint chip out of a bag, one a day for 100 days, and wrote a short response to that color/that color's name. BRILLIANT! So I thought, I like color. I can write. I can doodle. I have paint chips. And I can scan. So here I am with my first paint chip and my first bit of scribbling.

My handwriting is cool, but it can be challenging to read sometimes, especially in this low-resolution image, so here's what I wrote in response to my first paint chip, a color called "Raspberry Couli."

I used to think that fruit in salads was just wrong. Cover something so sweet and delicious all on its own with some sticky, fatty, spicy salad dressing? ICK. But then I tried mandarin orange slices in a Chinese chicken salad with a clean Asian/sesame dressing, and yum! And then a salad with toasted pecans, dried cranberries, and spinach with a light raspberry vinaigrette and now you're talkin'! What does this have to do with "raspberry couli?" Well, nothing, really, except that some people do put raspberries in their salads. ICK.

©Carol Leigh


  1. Pecans, dried cranberries, and light raspberry dressing...atta' girl!! Don't forget the goat cheese.

  2. How could one POSSIBLY forget the goat cheese?!


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