Friday, May 30, 2014

A sense of perspective . . .

Yesterday I celebrated a milestone birthday. I was surprised at how down I felt -- old, friendless, unloved.

This morning, with a new perspective, I concluded: How ridiculous! I'm younger now than I ever will be. I have friends I treasure (and who I hope treasure me), and I am extremely loved.

Artists who work in studios usually wear aprons. I've never had one. Well, Chris gave me two aprons yesterday (why two? it's a Gemini thing). One's red, one's blue. I donned the blue one this morning and began working on a postcard-sized collage. An hour and a half later it was done and two versions were uploaded to Fine Art America.

Ta da! I celebrated a milestone birthday, lived through it, and, with my "magic" apron, now consider myself a "real" artist! A great start, wouldn't you say?

And to all of you who sent me birthday greetings yesterday on Facebook, thank you so very much. I'm truly grateful.

©Carol Leigh


  1. Really attracted to the black and white with the red myself. So this has a really nice playfulness to it.

  2. Wonderful pieces Carol! My recent 'milestone' birthday was 70, and I doubt that I've ever felt more content.

  3. Well, Jo, I'm right behind you. Still awaiting that contentment, however!


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