Saturday, May 10, 2014

I got mail!

I was very surprised to receive not one, but TWO postcards today, apparently in response to my blog post celebrating National Postcard Week.

The first one you see was sent from Sarah M. who is in Switzerland, frolicking among "sweet Swiss cows with their clanging bells." There's a cool stamp and cancellation mark and a "prioritaire" rubber stamp on it, too, which I'll put to good use in a photomontage someday.

And then you see a card sent from Judy T.'s iPhone (she's such a techie) of what I'm assuming are some succulents from her garden. How cool is that?

So in return, I sent each one of them a postcard back. To Sarah I sent a collage postcard I made using the packaging from a ream of photocopy paper I got at Staples. I cut it all up and then reassembled it onto a piece of watercolor paper. A couple of color-coordinated Czechoslovakian matchbox labels add to the mix.

And to Judy I sent a collage postcard I made using a page from an old book, various bits of paper, an old matchbox label, and a graphic I cut out of a promo piece I received from a printing company in the Palouse (Washington State).

I hope both postcards make it to them with relatively little damage . . .

Thank you both -- what an unexpected little gift.

Methinks every week should be postcard week. Send me one and I'll send you one back (make sure you put your address on the card you send). And my address is PO Box 1269, Waldport, OR 97394.

©Carol Leigh