Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Art from art . . .

Chris and I were in Orange and San Diego counties this past week, a delightful week spent visiting with loving and caring family and laid-back and low-key friends.

A place we visited in San Diego was Writerz Blok, where graffiti artists gather to create and to practice their work in a sanctioned yet free-spirited location.

It was fun wandering around, taking overviews as well as close-up details of colorful murals. The beauty of Writerz Blok is that the work constantly changes, so what we saw this week will likely be gone next week, replaced by something different, but probably just as vibrant and inventive.

Every morning this trip I got up early and walked one or two miles around the neighborhood, shooting whatever caught my eye as well as getting much-needed exercise. Lovely quiet mornings with overcast light, interesting doors, textures, flowers, and more. As I take a closer look at my photos, I'll be posting some of them here.

Wishing YOU quiet mornings filled with beauty.

©Carol Leigh

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