Friday, May 30, 2014

Good things come in BIG packages!

An enormous padded envelope arrived today filled with one of my favorite things: papers! Laura Lein-Svencner at Lone Crow Collage filled an envelope with a combination of papers, including a bunch she had made herself. I have enough to make a LOT of collages (no pressure now!).

In addition to what you're seeing here (and you're seeing just the tip o' the 'berg), are various tools, materials, suggestions, and a big tutorial packet about making collages -- a seminar in itself.

Aprons one day, collage materials the next, another postcard from Sarah M. from France . . . it doesn't get much better. And now if you'll excuse me, there's obviously some work to be done!

©Carol Leigh


  1. Lucky you! Happy birthday...and lots more to come. I look forward to seeing some of these papers in your work.

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  4. I'm looking forward to using them, too. Right now I'm struggling with a collage that involves a graphic of a fish and I'm having a tough time reeling it in . . . No Lone Crow papers in it yet, however . . .


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