Monday, May 5, 2014

Unfinished business . . .

The other day I posted a photomontage I made after having taken a walk around my block at twilight. Looking at it a day later, I decided it was unfinished, so I tweaked it.

Here you see first the finished version and then the original. You can see that I took away some of the "stars" up top but left the lower "stars" in place at the bottom. I like how the bottom "stars" echo the top ones, just in a more subtle manner.

I then photographed an old, rusty, scratched watch face and used that image as a "moon." In the higher-resolution version you can see the tick marks here and there on the watch face that represent numbers.

I added that same watch face along the bottom of the image to create five (five!) more moons, one of them encased in a square.

Notice, too, that the squiggles I drew are more pronounced in the final version than in the original. I also softened the overall look in the final version.

So there you have it: Basically a background created using various textured papers, a few dots, a few squiggles, and a watch face. Hope you enjoyed seeing the process and the alterations I made.

©Carol Leigh

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  1. Love it Carol, my favorite part is the circles or phase of the moon at the bottom with only the values making them stand out...nice color combo too.


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