Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Trying times...

Three steps forward, one step back. One day we have a will, the next day we don't. One day there's a trust, the next day there isn't. Emotions are raw, senses of humor seem to have disappeared, and there's always the house to continue emptying. Thirty-seven boxes of clothing and household items were just now loaded on a truck to be donated, and a dumpster that arrived an hour ago is already halfway filled.

Tip: Take a look around you. If you see something you don't really love, donate it or toss it. That's my criteria now. If I don't love it, I'm not keeping it. Luckily, I happen to love Chris!

This will all turn out fine, but right this minute I'm so down it hurts. And after a death, it doesn't seem right to be resenting the dearly departed.

I just want to go home.


  1. Carol: I have silently followed your writings for years starting with the Wildflower and Fall Color postings.

    I am so sorry for your loss and the complications. While having a photography business for 32+ years I have been a Stewardship Pastor at our church for the past seven years and I work regularly with those who find themselves in the midst of dealing with an estate with either no or a poor or dated Will or Living Trust.

    I trust you have received some guidance in this and am praying now for unity within the family and clarity in the midst of uncertainly.

    Praying, Ray

    1. Ray, you are so kind to write with such compassion. Thank you so very much. You made me feel better.


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