Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Photos sold so far this month

A lot of people ask me what sorts of photos I'm selling at Fine Art America, so I thought I'd show you what I've sold there so far this month. In addition, I'll give you the link to what FAA calls an "Announcement Page" that shows you exactly how the buyer had the picture matted and framed, or if it was a canvas wrap, how the picture looked in that format.

This first photomontage (a tree and rusted metal) sold last night. Here's the link to the announcement page.

The "faux poste" postcard was made using a wide variety of elements. I make so many photomontages it's now almost impossible for me to tell you what the individual components are, but vintage stamps, numbers from vintage banknotes, inked papers and more went into this one. Here's the link to the announcement page.

I'm always pleased to see that my antique car photos that have been given a heavy faux HDR treatment sell. I love the look, but I can see how others might not. Nevertheless, this is a photo of a car I shot in Florence, Oregon a couple of years ago. And here's the link to the announcement page.

The Lockheed Constellation photo also has a slight HDR effect applied to it, very lightly. And here's the link.

And then finally, two of my prayer flags sold to someone who framed them very nicely in gold frames. Here's link #1 and link #2.

Let me know if you find this information either helpful or interesting and if so, I will try to post my sales every two weeks or so.

©Carol Leigh