Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Latest works: "And the Rains Came" plus "Desert Dunes Number 1" and "Desert Dunes Number 2"

I posted all three of these this morning to Fine Art America. As usual, they're rather strange. And, as usual, I tend to like them very much.

Will they sell? I don't know. But if I created images only because I thought they'd sell, that would be a barren, lifeless existence, don't you think? I make these images for me, and if there's one person out there who "gets it," that's great. If not, well, then, I just keep on creating. For me.

I remember, many years ago, when I was actively submitting my work to a stock agency, one of the agency's other photographers wrote that he wished he could just put objects on a conveyor belt and shoot them as they went by. His goal was to get as many pictures to the agency in as short a time as possible. And he did. And he is probably quite successful. And if he is happy with his photography and his pictures, well, what more could one ask? Who am I to question that concept and the resulting work?

The first picture I call "And the Rains Came." It makes me think of receding waters, drought conditions, and how a passing cloud, a spark of light, and a few raindrops can begin healing the Earth. All the individual photographs I used to create this one were taken in Santa Fe.

The second two are photomontages made with more pictures I took in Santa Fe. As I was playing with various images and combining them, all of a sudden I got the feeling of sand dunes, sand dunes in bright sunlight and dunes at night. Ta da!

Wishing you a few "ta da!" moments of your own today. ©Carol Leigh

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  1. I completely for got about tada's!
    and how great they can the colors and the simpleness that stands so strong in these wonderful reflective pieces of Santa Fe.


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