Friday, November 21, 2014

Sold the first two weeks of November

Things are beginning to ramp up a bit from Fine Art America, which is great. Here's what sold during the first two weeks of November; the second two weeks look to be even better.

Sizes here range from a single greeting card (the third photo down) to a 3' x 3' photo (the colorful pink and green cactus image). And to those of you who took my photomontage online class, I'll have you know that my infamous crow photos have sold numerous times! Ha! You doubters, you!

Some buyers choose prints that are put into a tube and shipped out, while others opt for images printed on metal, or canvas wraps, or matted and framed. I've shown here how each final image looks the way they've ordered it. It's nice that FAA shows me the buyers' final choice so I can see what they are getting. Canvas wraps seem to be the most popular option.

I am back from Japan, with a LOT of photos awaiting processing. So many it's daunting. I also brought home a slew of antique Japanese books so that I can make physical collages as well as use them in photomontages. I was wise to not take many clothes, saving room for paper.

I'll be writing about the trip and posting photos in the near future. The one incredible impact on my life was observing the Japanese culture and comparing it to ours. We suffer in comparison. More about all this in time. At the moment, I'm unpacking, doing laundry, sleeping, organizing, and getting back into the routine of taking care of family matters as well as doing a bit of art.

So long for now . . . Hope you're creating a bit of art yourself!

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  1. Thanks for sharing what has been sold. We ( students) love your love of the crow!You know that:)

  2. Ha! You're not so anonymous, you know. I'd recognize that statement as being from you, JCW, in a heartbeat!


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