Thursday, April 23, 2015

iPhone photos ...

Determined to continue with iPhone photography, even though I find it frustrating. Am on Whidbey Island right now, no DSLR in sight, so out comes the phone. Sleepless in the middle of the night, so I decide to process a few.

Looking up at the front of the Staples store in Oregon through a rainy windshield. And then a shot of my friend's placemats hanging over a chair rail. Back on the road to Oregon today. 

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  1. I also find it frustrating but like you, I continue to try. What's odd is that I can't quantify why I am frustrated.

    I think that it's the arm's length position and LiveView-like method of composition.

    It got a bit easier when I started using the Up sound button to fire the camera rather than touch the stupid button onscreen.

    You may be frustrated but you still see the subject very well. Kudos.



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