Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Just because it's fun . . .

Matchbox labels . . . You don't see many of them any more. (Well, unless you go on eBay and accidentally end up winning a bid for 14,000 of them. But I digress.) I decided to create my own "faux" matchbox label and chose black, red, and yellow for the color palette. I hand-colored the cockatoo (from an antique dictionary) to use as the centerpiece. It's up and online at Fine Art America where, frankly, I think it looks especially good as a tote bag.

You can't see it from here, but over on the left there's a little marking: "PRODUCT OF WHIDBEY ISLAND." Yup, just having some fun.

 ©Carol Leigh
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  1. Very clever...I can see you were having a lot of fun with this! Love the "Product of Whidbey Island" notation. And, of course, you needed another matchbox label because 14,000 could never be enough! ;-)

  2. You realize, of course, that I tend to blame YOU for the 14,000 matchbox labels... It all happened at YOUR house, after all ...

  3. Didn't know about matchbox labels until now. This new one looks great. Can't imagine what the other 14,000 must look like. I shall Google and learn more. Thanks muy mucho Carol.

  4. They're a very cool art form, Sam. The 14,000 I have are all from Czechoslovakia. I created this one myself -- definitely one of a kind!


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