Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Best of 2015 -- January through June

So far this year I've written 218 posts for my blog, each post containing at least one photo. That's a lot!

On a whim, I tried to choose my favorite images from the year. Came up with one from each month. And was surprised to see that most of them were collages/photomontages.

Why? Because although I'm a good photographer, I feel most creative when I'm making something from nothing, making something that I don't know what it will look like when I'm done. And although I use my own photographs in these montages, I alter them considerably to become part of a greater whole.

My photomontage process feeds my creative soul much more than "straight" photography. My images are unique, don't look like anybody else's, and are always a surprise to me when I'm done.

These six pictures, representing January through June, are all photomontages. There are a couple of "normal" photographs in the next post, but yes, my photomontage work outweighs everything else.

I began the year in January with the top image, "Celestial Spheres," with its planet/moon-like shapes throughout. Nice warm colors.

February's picture is actually a straight photo of an envelope I made, a physical collage created with Japanese book pages, ink-stained paper, and three squares glued on here and there. Nothing more.

Our impending move to Whidbey Island inspired the third picture, made in March, the postcard of a crow looking toward the northwest, and with stamps depicting owls, owls that definitely make themselves known up here.

And then there's the soft blue-colored image called "Writing on the Wall." Off the top of my head, I don't know what I used to make this in April. I would have to go back to the original PSD file and take a look at the layers. I used to be able to say immediately what a particular montage was made of, but I've created so many now that I often don't even remember having made some of them, much less remember what all the components were at the time.

The next one, though, with the two circles, I definitely remember making in May because it was based entirely on a "straight" photo I took from a hotel window looking down at two bicyclists waiting to cross a street. I challenged myself to make a photomontage that captured the stronger elements in the photograph and I was really please with how this one turned out.

And then in June, having been watching the deer on our property, I created a tall, thin Japanese-ish postcard.

It feels good to look back, seeing not only the photos I took but the photomontages I created, reading over some of the posts, seeing the progression through this year, a year that saw me at my father's funeral at Arlington National Cemetery in 12-degree weather, a visit to South Carolina (and 21-degree weather!), the decision to leave the Oregon coast, to settle on Whidbey Island.

Next post I'll continue with this, posting my favorite image from each month.

Take a look at your own work. What are YOUR favorite images, projects, artwork from this past year? It's fun to take a look back.

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