Thursday, June 2, 2016

Boat detail

Another image from Anacortes. I like this one a lot. But why? There's really nothing to it, is there?

1. Contrast. I like the combination of color/no-color, the orange life ring and the light grey rope, both against white.

2. Contrast. I like the straight lines of the rope contrasted with the curve of the life ring.

3. Echoing lines. I like the swoopy-ness of the orange rope as it swings left and droops down. And then look at how that swing and droop are echoed in the two bits of grey rope just above the horizontal wrapping.

4. Mystery. I like that at first you may not know what this is, but that it then immediately becomes clear.

5. Awareness. I'm pleased that I noticed this possible composition. One of my strengths is making something out of apparently nothing. One of my weaknesses is that I don't see the whole picture. I see the trees, not the forest. And I'm old enough now that I (almost) accept that about myself.

Wishing you a day of self-acceptance and self-delight!

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