Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Corrugated "W"

Some might call it desperation mode. Others may refer to it as artist's block. And others (many others) would simply say, "Snap out of it!"

Although I'm trying a variety of different techniques and styles in my work, nothing seems to be "sticking." No big "aha" moments.

Yes, there are some nice painterly-looking flower images being created. And I'm doing some black and white. But I keep coming back to what I loved in the first place: letters, numbers, and general photomontagerie. (Speaking of numbers, you out there, Bugsy?)

Back in March of 2010 I went on a little drive around Forest Grove and Carnation, Oregon. No expectations. Just exploring. I found quite a lot to photograph -- old buildings, farms, rust, signs, etc. It was a fruitful trip.

I stopped at a building that had been painted at least three times -- turquoise, reddish-brown, and white. And there were big letters on it. Bonus!

I concentrated on the "W," combined the resulting photo with another photo I'd taken of corrugated metal and rust, tweaked the image a bit more, and came up with this very cool (to me) "Corrugated W."

No, this isn't a big breakthrough. No "aha" moment here. But I take such joy in creating something that I think is rather different and interesting, that there's a quiet satisfaction when seeing the result.

In a world that is frenzied, hurried, and superficial, a simple "W" takes me back to where I began, reminding me what initially drew me to photography (exploration, noticing little details), and that it's all still there for the finding if I just slow down and look.

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